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Our Company

Minder Narusiewicz, a family owned company founded in 1994. We believe in a team approach to provide you with the education, guidance, and motivation to effectively implement your personal and/or business goals. Each client is a key member of this team.

Our Values

  • Listening: We believe listening is critical to understanding our client's goals, objectives, and dreams.
  • Recognizing Uniqueness: We believe each client is unique. Life is not a "One Size Fits All" journey.
  • A vision for the Long Term: We are in it for the long haul. We believe it is our responsibility to help our clients through the various changes they will face throughout their lifetime.

Our Commitment

  • Providing service that is both professional and personal
  • Maintaining an objective team approach
  • Focusing on the present and long term interests of our clients

By using our counselor style, we will work together to plan for your financial independence.